Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!!!

Ok so Teri of The Beaded Branch tagged me. Now I'm supposed to give 10 facts about myself and tag 10 people. Those 10 people are supposed to tag 10 people and so on and so forth.

1. I play the piano. I am actually the pianist at my church.

2. I'm a civil war reenactor.

3. I love to cross stitch.

4. I met my business partner Teri (owner of The Beaded Branch) in gym class when we were in college.

5. I love to read.

6. I wish I could sew.

7. I'm organized in my brain but not in my house!!!

8. I love going to the drive-in with my husband.

9. I love to travel.

10. I'm an awesome baker.

11. My best friend is the minister's wife.
(Ok I know that's 11 but I'm an over-achiever oops that's 12!)

Those I'm tagging are:

1. Covey Denton

2. Micki

3. Jennifer Stoll

4. Mary Reid

5. Teri Landow ( just to tag you back!)

6. Kattia

7. Debbi

8. Rose

Ok I don't have the blogs for many folks so this list has 8 people instead of 10.

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