Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Tips Part 2

Use what you have

One thing I learned when I was getting married that there are more than enough people who want to help or participate. So what do you do about that? USE THEM!!!!!! Use them in every capacity that’s possible whether it’s setting up the rehearsal dinner (if you aren’t going to a restaurant) to helping slice the cake at the reception. When I was getting married I was blessed to have contacts with a florist, DJ, and a videographer so I got all of those services at a very reasonable price.

However, what if you don’t have a family friend who is a florist or a friend who is a professional videographer? I’d like to share a really neat tip that a friend of mine did when she got married. She wasn’t planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. She wanted it simple yet nice. Her parents had a nice yard so they planted a flower garden. They planted the flowers that she wanted to use in her bouquet. On the morning of her wedding, they cut the flowers in the flower garden and put them together in bouquets so that she and her bridesmaids had fresh cut flowers to carry down the aisle. They were beautiful!

When it comes to food…
The bride and groom have said their vows and now it’s time to head to the reception hall to celebrate. Many couples choose to have their wedding catered but some of us, like myself, would rather do it ourselves. My sister and I both did not have our receptions catered and in my opinion the food at our receptions was better than at some of the catered receptions. I’m not saying that catered receptions aren’t nice by any means. I have been to several catered receptions that were outstanding. It’s all in who you choose to be your caterer.

Our reception could be almost considered a planned potluck/cover dish meal. All of the food was planned out ahead of time ( ham biscuits, shrimp, cookies etc.) and the people that we knew who were really well known for their cooking we asked them to bring certain items. Some items that are great for receptions are cheese balls. They come in many flavors such as the traditional, chocolate, key lime, and more! There are many flavors for the many kinds of people. My husband even likes a pizza flavored cheese ball!!! With lots of careful planning it is easy to create a nice reception for a fraction of the cost of a catered one.


  1. My little brother is getting married Saturday and I think this would have been good for them to read! LOL!

  2. When I got married I couldn't believe how expensive things were!!!!! Cakes can run upward into the hundreds almost a thousand dollars! It's only a cake!!!!!!!!!