Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding tips

As requested, here is a blog on weddings. This blog is going to last for several days so keep checking back and see what else I have added!
It’s almost June. Spring is in full bloom. Birds are singing, the air is getting warmer, and before long church bells will be ringing all around the country to signal that yet another couple has gotten married. Hmmm…as I have said before I am NOT an event planner. The only experience that I have with weddings is the one I planned for myself and the ones I have helped with. So today I will share with you some of the ideas and things I learned from planning a wedding.
1. Re-use and recycle

I have seen some absolutely gorgeous weddings in person and on television. All of the tulle, flowers, tissue paper, you name it is used. But what happens to the decorations when the ceremony is over? Most likely a lot of these decorations end up the trash. It doesn’t have to be that way. With pre-planning and thinking outside of the box you can easily reduce the amount of items that are thrown away. This is one of the reasons I got married at Christmas. I decided that if my colors were red, white, and green I could easily use Christmas decorations as my wedding decorations. If I had waited 2 more weeks I wouldn’t have had to decorate the church because the church would have already been decorated for Christmas. However it was very simple to decorate the church. For the unity candle we didn’t buy one of those beautiful gold or silver colored candelabra type things. Instead, my bridesmaids and I got together and made Yule logs. They were all about 12 inches long except for one which was about 24 inches long. The largest Yule log was the unity candle holder. The smaller logs were placed on tables in the reception hall as centerpieces. They were gorgeous! My husband and I kept the larger one and it is always on our mantel at Christmas. The flowers for the church were potted poinsettias. The window swags we were actually able to borrow from a community church to use for the wedding. The favors for guests were actually dove Christmas ornaments that had been bought in bulk and I typed little cards with our names on it and the date of our wedding and attached them to the dove ornaments. After the wedding was over, I gave the poinsettias and the Yule log centerpieces to the many people who had worked so hard helping me to put the wedding together as a thank you gift.

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  1. Great tips! There is so much wasted at a wedding! I love the re-use idea!